There's a strong link between how much you swear and how honest you are

It's the f*cking truth.

The Simpsons Swear Jar

The next time someone tells you that you swear too much, reply something like, “It’s because I’m a fucking honest person! Bloody hell!”

OK, maybe you don’t have to go that extreme, but according to a new study there’s a correlation between how much we swear and how honest we are.

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Example: If you stub your toe real bad, you’re probably more likely to yell “Fuck!” instead of “Fiddlesticks!” Why? Because it honestly hurt! And because you weren’t filtering yourself, you reacted honestly.

(Nothing against anyone who would say “Fiddlesticks” instead, of course.)

Or if you see someone really, really, really hot:

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This is supported by a recent study in Social Psychological and Personality Science, which came to the conclusion that people who swear more are also more honest after conducting three tests.

The first had 276 people self-rating their levels of honesty and swearing. In the second test, over 73,000 Facebook users had their status updates analysed through the myPersonality app. And the third sounds a little more complicated, but basically involved “measuring the integrity of entire states by combining the Facebook data with ‘state-level’ integrity measures like the presence of independent ethics commissions and judicial accountability,” as reported by Science of Us.

The results of the tests led author Gilad Feldman to state that “the relation between profanity and honesty is robust.” (That’s such a polite way to put it.)

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So in short, swearing is basically our way of letting people know how we REALLY feel.