The shopping hangover

How to avoid the morning after regret of those WTF fashion choices.

By Rebecca Sloan

I’ve made dud purchases more times than we’ve seen Miranda Kerr’s knockers. You know what it’s like – you buy a random ganster-style oversized T-shirt complete with leopard print sleeves. At the time of swiping your debit card, it seemed like a no-brainer - you’d seen Rita Ora wearing onejustlike it, - but then you get it home and, looking at it alongside the array of paisley in your wardrobe, you realise you’re in fact not Miss Ora and that you made yet another money-wasting buy. Your tummy backflips and you feel mega guilty – hello, shopping hangover. If you’ve thought, “Why the eff did I buy this?” one too many times, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what the experts advise (read: girls who are profesh shoppers) to help you never have to line up in the “returns” aisle ever again.

In store:

The Westfield Insider, Alyce Cowell, shares her top five tips for getting it right at the counter the first time…

  1. Do your hair and makeup: If you’re not feeling good about your looks, you won’t be feeling anything you try on and that leads to bad decisions.

  1. Shop alone: For serious shopping, go without a friend in tow, then there’s no risk of being persuaded in to (or out of) something.

  1. The five-second reaction: Note how you feel straight after you put it on in the change room. If you feel a million bucks, you’re meant to have it. If you just feel “meh”, this piece is not for you.

  1. The three-item golden rule: Mentally scan your wardrobe – can you think of at least three items it will work with? If you’re not sure, pop it on hold and check your wardrobe first.

  1. The “it’s on sale” test: Ask yourself, “If it was full price, would I still love it?”


The Iconic ( magazine’s fashion editor Katerina Agiostratitis gives her top five pointers to become a pro at adding to cart…

  1. Keep it Aussie: Don’t get caught out by international sizing. Always check the site’s size guide - this is where you’ll find bust, hip and waist measurements. It should show Australian size equivalents too.

  1. Don’t drink and click: Just like when texting, never shop online when you’re tired, hungry or intoxicated. Obvs.

  1. Do the “cart linger” rule: If you’re prone to impulsive WTF purchases, make yourself leave any item sitting in your shopping cart for two hours, minimum, before hitting “buy”.

  1. The buy-per-wear question: Always ask yourself if you’ll wear the item more than once, and that it suits the place or occasions you plan on wearing it to. A puffy vest for work is only appropes if you’re an astronaut.

  1. Know what suits you: When you can’t try something on instore, you really need to be aware of the colours and shapes that flatter you most. Dark skin works well with neons, while fair skin suits primary colours like blue and green.