The vampire facelift

If you’re desperately searching for new ways to pledge your love for Twilight, this might be for you. A new cosmetic filler named Selphyl has hit the market and has been nicknamed the "vampire facelift" – guaranteed to "eclipse" any sign of ageing. (Sorry, we had to).

The procedure doesn’t involve injecting acids, fats, or toxins into your body. Instead, it injects your own blood back into your face after being blended with a fibrin mixture.

Selphyl is prepared by drawing a patient's blood, separating the platelets from the red blood cells, blending the platelets with a fibrin mixture and injecting it back in to the area a patient wants to augment.

Dr. Susan Stevens Tanne, a cosmetic and laser surgeon with New Jersey-based Cosmetic Laser MD says, "You overfill the area by 20 per cent so that a person sees an approximation of the final results, but it's slightly bigger than it will actually be."

In about a day, the excess is gone, and several weeks later, the fibrin matrix builds up, yielding the final result. The vampire facelift only takes about 15 minutes…any takers?