Brilliant parody shows why the thigh gap is BS

Because God forbid our legs touch.

Ah, the mystical thigh gap. We’ve all heard talk of it and while some women have it naturally, for most of us, it’s pretty unattainable. No matter how many lunges or squats we do, or how many ‘bad’ carbs we avoid, sometimes thighs just want to touch each other, and that’s totally OK.

And it seems comedy group JustBoobs are feeling our frustration, as they've made a hilarious parody about the bats**t crazy thigh gap obsession. And it’s amazing.

Given that the presence of a thigh gap has more to do with the width of your pelvis and bone structure than how healthy your insides are, it’s a pretty important message.

So let’s all bear that in mind and go back to loving and caring for our bodies just as they are. Mmkay?