26 things you only know if you live on your own

When shit goes wrong, there’s literally NO ONE else to blame.

By Natasha Harding

1. Talking to yo’self used to seem weird, now it’s just reality.

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2. You’ve already decided you can’t do ALL the housework, so it’s a matter of ~PrIoRiTiSiNG~.

3. You’ve had cabin fever.

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4. You’ve looked in your fridge and realised you have to reconsider your life choices.

5. You never close the bathroom door anymore.

6. You’re always broke AF 'cause you’re too busy paying rent ALL BY YOURSELF.

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7. You said you’d throw heaps of parties when you have your own place… but you lied. The cleanup is sooooo not worth it.

8. You used to judge the cleanliness of your friends’ places. Used to being the operative term. Now you appreciate their heroic efforts.

  1. When shit goes wrong, there’s literally NO ONE else to blame.

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10. You’ve had entire weekends when you didn’t change out of your pjs.

11. You desperately want a small, low maintenance pet to keep you sane.

12. When your friends tell you how annoying their husbands/boyfriends/friends/rents are to live with, you rejoice in your solo-dolo life.

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13. You can’t even imagine sharing a wardrobe with another person – it’s already full.

14. Your bed is YOURS and YOURS ONLY.

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15. Your neighbours legit think you’re a recluse.

16. TFW when someone suggests they move in with you…

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17. You thought you’d get used to dealing with spiders and insects (cause you’re #independent now)… but you always end up surrendering your house to the bugs and sending an SOS to your friends begging for HALP.

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18. Guests make you realise just how unhygienic you are.

19. And you know your parents' 'we’re-worried-about-your-wellbeing' look all too well.

20. When you make a meal that isn’t toast or Coco Pops, you feel unstoppable.

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21. You sing all.the.time.

22. When you come home from a loose night out, you don’t have to explain your drunken self to anybody.

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23. You used to wear clothes at home – now you DGAF about walking around nakey.

24. You’ve tried ignoring the overflowing bin, but it still doesn’t empty itself.

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25. You know your emergency escape route off-by-heart. And yep, it’s totally unpractical/involves jumping from high windows.

26. You know you’ve been procrastinating when your place looks spotless.

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