This fan theory about Titanic will change you forever

It actually makes a LOT of sense.

By Claire Hodgson

If, like every other human with a beating heart on this planet, you cried tears of despair when Jack Dawson dies at the end of Titanic, we have NEWS. Everything might not have been as it seems.

One Titanic fan has developed an insane theory about the film, but one that actually makes quite a lot of sense.

Jack was actually a time-traveller whose mission was to stop Rose from committing suicide and changing the course of history.

It sounds mad, but stick with it.

To start with, they point out that if Rose HAD committed suicide by jumping off the back of the ship, they most probably would have stopped Titanic to look for her.

In that time, the weather would likely have warmed, the winds may have changed and the ship would most probably not have hit the iceberg. This is also why Jack spent SO much time with Rose - to make sure she survived.

BUT IT GETS BETTER. Jack doesn't actually have any currency from this time period, which is why he gambles in order to get the ticket in the first place.

He also mentions ice fishing at Lake Wissota (when he says he fell in to the freezing water). But Wissota is a man-made lake that wasn't created until 1917, five years after the Titanic sank.

Then there's the fact that Jack's style and grooming is pretty out of place. In the 1910s, men commonly had "short, well-groomed hair" and the rucksack wasn't even common until the '30s.

You'll also remember the scene where Jack says he's going to take Rose on the roller-coaster on the Santa Monic Pier. But that wasn't built until 1916.

Now, time travel is a confusing subject. But MAYBE Jack didn't really die, because if he died, how would he be alive in the future to go back and save Rose? At least, we can tell ourselves that.