The Honest Trailer for Pitch Perfect is hilariously on point

Cringe at a script so aca-full of forced in aca-puns you’ll want to aca-punch someone in the face.

The wonderful humans responsible for the Honest Trailers have decided to tackle Pitch Perfect. And it’s almost as funny as the actual thing.

It’s a little rough watching one of your favourite films get picked apart, but it’s also really entertaining. Especially when it points out all the things that are so bad they’re actually good. Like how it’s a movie about making noises with your mouth, Beca hates absolutely everything and Fat Amy spends the whole movie making fun of her own body.

But also, in what world is “acapella so popular it sells out giant venues with two full-time commentators, four judges and an audience of people losing their shit just to be there.”

Just LOL. Where do we find the Screen Junkies people? Just asking because we’d like to invite them to be our friends IRL so we can get an Honest Trailer about everything in life.