Touch my body

A strange man rubbed me naked, and I liked it.

By Leigh Campbell

Of all the beauty treatments that exist, massages are my favourite. Maybe that’s why I’m so critical, and at some times, cynical; I’ve had more massages than hot dinners. And I feel like most typical day-spa massages are too clinical and light handed, while my local Thai massage parlour has me feeling as though I’ve been assaulted by someone’s Asian grandmother.

I am the proverbial Goldilocks; I can’t find one that is just right. That was until my friend told me about a guy based in Sydney and his healing Ka Huna massage. She said that Gavin, from Spirit of Man uses a traditional Hawaiian technique that involves breathing, firm touch and healing energy. She said that she thought it was up my alley, and that I should go with an open mind.

Open mind in my skull, off I went. I met with Gavin at his Bondi Junction space, where we discussed any injuries and he explained what I was in for. Next up I was face down on the massage table, covered in only a sarong.

When he told me to remove all jewellery and clothing (even knickers), I wondered how a teeny G-string could get in the way, and I was about to find out.

Over the course of the treatment, Gavin uses firm, flowing, full-body strokes from the feet up to the scalp, down the sides of the hips and over the bottom. The pelvic region is covered by a modesty cloth, but other than that you’re open and exposed (in both a physical and spiritual way).

 Gavin working his (massage) magic.
Gavin working his (massage) magic.

Half way through you flip onto your back, at which point he works your sternum, belly and the rest of your front. All the while Gavin is breathing rhythmically and encourages you to breathe deeply, too, to let out pent-up energy.

I know what you’re thinking. This all sounds a bit creepy. Trust me, it’s nothing but professional and a little sensual (but not at all sexual).

It made me realise that “regular” massages, where they move rigidly from body part to body part, never fully relaxed me; I am always too aware of the therapist’s movements to surrender. Gavin’s dance like rhythm had a seamless flow was almost hypnotising.

I left feeling both deeply relaxed and perfectly energised. I knew the treatment had truly affected me when I didn’t even reach for my phone once outside (I was that “zen”). If you know me, you’d know that’s a massive deal. I slept like a baby (who sleeps a lot), too.

Not for the prudish, totally for those who are up for new things and want to leave this world for an hour or two.