LIFE IS A LIE: Tom Hanks didn't actually voice all of Woody in ‘Toy Story’

We’re gonna need a minute…

Toy Story was the movie that made us believe that our toys could legit come to life, and then scared us into keeping them forever, even though we have left home and are ~technically~ all grown up. The third film also unexpectedly obliterated our souls, and we still haven't fully recovered from that trauma.

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But the things that keep us turning back to Toy Story and hitting that play button one more time are the iconic characters. Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex and Mr Potato Head are the toys we always wanted, and their adventures had us hyped up as kids and hella nostalgic as adults.

Woody, the cowboy champion of Andy's room, was famously voiced by Tom Hanks, and his Woody voice is instantly recognisable, whether or not he is saying "There's a snake in my boot."

But recently a sneaky detail has come to light to reveal that Tom Hanks actually outsourced some of the Woody voice work to someone else!

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The person Tom decided would best fill his snake-stuffed boots was none other than his very own flesh and blood, his baby brother, Jim Hanks.

Tom Hanks claims, "After doing a line 18 different ways, your diaphragm is busted, your throat is raw, you've spit all over your copy, and this is your fourth hour doing this." So he had Disney contact his bro and they recruited him to fill in the gaps.

Though Tom did voice Woody for the entirety of the films and shorts, his brother stepped in to be Woody for all of the computer video games, Disneyland adventure rides, Disney Pixar spin-offs and any Toy Story-related TV show. But the biggest scam off all (from our pissed-off childhood brain's perspective) is that Jim is the voice of every single Woody toy.

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OG Woody tried to explain himself on The Graham Norton Show, where he admits that his brother has helped him out with the role:

Honestly, we're a little heartbroken RN, and we're gonna need some time to compute this devastating information.

Now watch THE real Jim Hanks talking about mastering his brother's cowboy voice: