Troian Bellisario calls out the PLL Twitter account for slut-shaming Spencer Hastings

‘Cause she’s also a total BOSS IRL.

By Natasha Harding

~Warning: spoilers ahead~

If you watched last week’s ep of Pretty Little Liars, you definitely remember Spencer’s steamy AF makeout sesh with Detective Marco Fuery in the elevator at Radley Hotel. While the scene may have made you shed a tear for Spencer & Caleb (or Spencer & Tobes), they are on a break and he’s totally negging her texts, so we’re all for Spencer doing whatever the hell she wants.

But it seems not everyone agrees, with the official Pretty Little Liars social media account posting a slut-shamey comment about Spencer’s behaviour and everything is not okay.

The post, which has since been deleted, showed a pic of Han + Spence together, with the caption, “Maybe you shouldn't make out with strangers in elevators, Spencer???? #PrettyLittleLiars."


But, then something glorious happened.

Troian Bellisario, the actress who plays Spencer, took to social media to say how shitty the Tweet was, proving she’s also as whippy, clever and fearless as her character IRL.

Troian’s comment has gained a tonne of support from fans, applauding how she stuck up for Spence against sexist, ignorant comments.

So, for the record, nobody should ever mess with Troian OR Spencer 'cause this girl will correct you and make you look like a total idiot.

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