Dream TV character crossovers

So many 7th Heaven and O.C. cameos!

Long before Max Greenfield played Schmidt on New Girl he was a young Sandy Cohen on The O.C. But, despite all the good memories, he’s still too nervous to say hello to Peter Gallagher AKA the real Sandy Cohen IRL.

The pair are co-stars again in Michael Showalter’s new film Hello, My Name Is Doris.

"There was a part of me who thought I should go say hi," Greenfield told The Huffington Post. "But I'm going to divulge something to you: I got too nervous."

"I get nervous around very few people. I don't know why, but he's one of them," Greenfield said. "I feel like the only thing I have to say to him is, 'I played the young you.' I think that's a fucking weird way to open up."


This trip down memory lane really struck a chord with us so we decided to dig up some other pre-fame celebrity cameos for your viewing pleasure. So please, enjoy...

Ashley Benson went From *7th Heaven* to *Pretty Little Liars*

Yep, that’s her right at the beginning for about half a second. And then again at around the 2 minute mark where she’s a bit mean to Ruthie. SO bitchy, Ash! Also remember Ruthie?! ~MeMoRiEs~

Leighton Meester went from *7th Heaven* to *Gossip Girl*

And pretty much played a Blair replica. Minus the fancy hats.

Lucy Hale went from *The O.C.* to *Pretty Little Liars*

This just in. Pretty much EVERYONE had a cameo on The O.C. early in their career. Lucy Hale included. Here she is as Kaitlin Cooper’s BFF. "Hey bitch" = classic 2006 line.

Chris Pratt went from *The O.C* to *Parks and Recreation*

Chris Pratt naked and singing a sweet polar bear song to Seth Cohen makes for the GREATEST trip down memory lane. Like, ever.

Paul Wesley went from *The O.C* to *Vampire Diaries*

He makes some funny Abercrombie & Fitch jokes about Luke before going 100% ghetto at an Orange County house party. Retro Paul Wesley is badass.

Willa Holland went from *The O.C.* to *Gossip Girl* to *Arrow*

Before she was Agnes or Thea, she was Marissa Cooper’s little sis. And she’s sassy as hell.

Naya Rivera went from *Even Stevens* to *Glee*

That fuzzy-haired kid is actually Shia Lebouf (pre rat-tail) and Naya Rivera totally OWNS him in this clip. You go, girl.

Kat Dennings went from *Sex and The City* to *2 Broke Girls*

Today she's starring on 2 Broke Girls, but all you SATC fans might remember her as Jenny Briar, the bratty 13-year-old who acted waaaaay older than her age. Skip to around the 1.20 mark to see it.

Jon Hamm went from *Gilmore Girls* to *Mad Men*

Turns out that Don Draper charm isn’t reserved for Betty and/or Megan.