The girl who found her twin stranger just found another doppelgänger

They say we all have seven twin strangers in the world… and she’s already found two.

Remember how that girl found her doppelgänger lookalike online and everyone freaked out over how similar they looked?

Well the internet has done it again, because Irish girl Niamh Geany has found another sister-from-another-family-altogether, -Luisa Guizzardi- all the way over in Genoa, Italy.

Before getting to meet her new twin stranger, Niamh decided to meet the family and friends of Luisa who all made comments about the girls' similar “auras”.

Although we don’t think Luisa looks as similar as Karen did, seeing the girls in motion is where the real resemblances lie.

Here's Karen (twin no.1)

And here's Luisa (twin no.2)

“I was impressed with what we got, I really do think though, that we look more alike in person than we do in photographs”, Niamh explained.

Perhaps Niamh’s theory that we all have seven twin strangers in the world is actually true…

Think about it; all of our childhood Mary-Kate and Ashley #twingoals could still become a reality.