4 ugly-yet-adorable animals to follow on Instagram

These good boys and girls are all living their best life.

By Erin Cook

Instagram is a breeding ground for food bloggers, fitspo accounts and globetrotting fashionistas. If you’re anything like us, your feed is filled with images of stangers living their ‘perfect’ lives. Need a break? Same.

Introducing the goodest of good boys on Instagram. [Author’s note: Yes, I know, ‘goodest’ isn’t really a word… just go with it, please.]

These four ugly-yet-adorable animals are living their best lives for the entire world to see. Swing them a follow for a heart-warming good time.

Marnie the Dog

Instagram handle: @marniethedog
Followers: 2.1M

Marnie is a happy little lady who proves that life goes on, even when your tongue permanently hangs out of your mouth.

Digby and Alo

Instagram handle: @digbyvanwinkle
Followers: 272K

These two lil fellas have the cutest under bites.

Rhea The Naked Birdie

Instagram handle: @rhea_thenakedbirdie
Followers: 454K

Rhea is a tiny little birdie who looks even smaller thanks to her lack of feathers. She has psittacine beak and feather disease but that doesn’t get her down!


Instagram handle: @tunameltsmyheart
Followers: 1.9M

Meet Tuna! He doesn’t look like the other good boys, but he’s still cute as hell.