These delightful unicorn cakes look too magical to be real

Not that I'm saying unicorns aren’t real though …

By Lyndsey Matthews
unicorn cake

Up to this point in time a unicorn cake involved sticking a unicorn topper on a cake and it was totally freaking adorable.

Case in point:

There was also this mind-expanding rainbow unicorn cake:

But imagine if the entire cake looked like a unicorn? Now that’s just straight magical. Thankfully, the twin sisters behind Canada’s Jenna Rae Cakes created this beauty:

Not only does it have a silver horn and a pastel frosting mane, but it also has eyelashes. EYELASHES! How cute is that?

Thanks to the power of Instagram, they’ve inspired bakers all the way from Belgium to Miami to create their own versions of these mythical cake creatures.

There are even unicorn cupcakes if you like your sweets miniaturised.

If any of these bakers are reading this, I turn 30 next July and I think a unicorn birthday cake is the best way to celebrate becoming a "real" adult. Whatever that means ...

Via Cosmo US