Women opting for vagina surgery to “look good in yoga pants”

For the love of the downward dog, what is this absolute MADNESS?

There’s been a hefty and legitimate increase in labiaplasty surgery (aka reconstruction of the vagine) in the US because, wait for it, women want to look better in their yoga pants.

The surgery changes the size and shape of the inner or outer vaginal lips and the US has seen an astonishing 49% rise in women – from teenagers upwards – who are paying plastic surgeons to alter the appearance of their genitals

The only medical reason you’d have for getting the surgery is if the size of your labia is causing daily discomfort.

And yes, if this is happening then absolutely – reconstruct away but to look better in YOGA PANTS?

Dr. Jennifer Walden told the Daily Mail labiaplasty is now “one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries” among women thanks in part to a rise in pornography and images of “women wearing very little” online.

She says she now does between two and three labiaplasties a week.

Nobody should have a Barbie vag, people. Camel Toe 4 Lyf.