Lord Voldemort is going to have an origin movie

We're finally getting some Dark Lord context.

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Let’s face it, we all miss Harry Potter and his magical world. If you say you don’t we will happily use Veritaserum on you to double check.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them filled the Potter-shaped hole in our lives momentarily, but the fact that none of the OG characters were really in it (and it was set in America—da fuck?!) our full witchcraft and wizardry cravings have yet to be met.

But stop, IMMOBULUS!

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There looks to be a cure for lost muggle hearts, looking for a Potter fix—an origin movie about Lord Voldemort!

TRYANGLE Films are set to release Voldemort: Origins of the Heir, a fan-made movie later this year, but we can see the first glimpses into of the film in the trailer that just dropped:

The trailer indicates that we will see Tom Riddle (aka Voldie) on his early adventures, after he quits his job at ‘Borgin and Burkes’ and seeks out the first Horcrux – which we all know leads to some complicated shit for Harry and co later on.

He also appears to have murdered the heir of Hufflepuff to steal the Hufflepuff Cup and then pins the murder on her house elf (giving us straight up Dobby flashbacks).

And NEW CHARACTER ALERT, Grisha McLaggen (the heir of Gryffindor) is clearly going to be the boss heroine that tries to take down Tom Riddle.

We emphasise ‘try’ because we all know that Voldie gets hella powerful and we have never heard of this chick, so SPOILER ALERT it might not end well…

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But we are so glad that this movie is happening, to at least answer our thousands of questions related to the Dark Lord. Like “what the fuck happened to Tom to make him transform into a noseless evil queen?”

Legit this:

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To this:

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PS. Here are the translations for all you muggles that are behind on your homework:

Veritaserum = A powerful truth serum that after three drops will make you spill out your darkest secrets.
Immobulus = a clever freezing spell (the one Hermione used on the fairies in the Defence Against The Dark Arts class).