Watch average dudes experience the pain of child birth

This looks so bad, we can't look away.

By Rebecca Sloan

If you haven't already come across Buzzfeed's The Try Guys, let us tell you, they're crazy. They basically make WTF videos for the sake of making us watch and shake our heads.

This time, by popular demand, they were strapped to a “child birth simulator” (aka basically being electrocuted because child birth is THAT PAINFUL) to get a little taste of what it’s like to push a human out of your vag.

You just HAVE to watch to get all of the hilariousness, but highlights include lots of screaming. More screaming. And screaming. Cute.

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Like all good torture activities they have a “safe word” which is EPIDURAL and basically all of them end up saying it.

At the end they're all like ~praise hands emojis~ to women.

“Now when I see women I’m like, I’m so sorry,” says one of the guys.

Thank you, random guys, for confirming that all women are not lying when they say childbirth bloody hurts.

You can watch the full thing here.

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