Watch Human Ken design his own biceps

Because people actually do that, apparently.

Justin Jedlica, the man who lives his life as a human Ken doll, has gone on American TV to tell the world how misunderstood he feels. Oh, and to give everyone a sneak peek at his newly designed biceps.

Appearing on a new episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now?, Jedlica explains that his 90+ cosmetic procedures are actually a form of art.

"I think I have a very clear picture of what I look like. I'm not unhappy with the way that I look but if I choose to express my creativity through my plastic surgery, it's no different than someone in fashion who deals with trends," the 33-year-old argues.

"I mean, standards of beauty change. Ideals of beauty change. I don't understand why people think you have to be committed to the human form and that you shouldn't be able to retain control to change it."

He also goes on to flaunt his designs for his brand new arms, which are so detailed they could easily be confused with the blueprints for a small building.

Hey, it’s not easy being beautiful.