Watch: The alternative ending for ‘Titanic’ is seriously weeeiird

What the...?

By Natasha Harding

If there was ever a movie that we wished had a different ending (apart from Marley & Me, obvs) Titanic is definitely it.

To refresh your memory, the last part of Titanic consists of Rose hogging the floating door while Jack is left freezing to death in the water before older Rose then throws The Heart of the Ocean necklace into the sea in a symbolic, but wasteful AF, gesture.

Welp, turns out it wasn’t always supposed to end exactly as it did. Unfortunately, Jack was always supposed to die SOB and we were probs always gonna see the emosh sequence of throwback photos followed by the reunion of Jack and Rose, but the whole hurling exxy jewellery off the side of a ship sitch was supposed to happen quite differently.

An alternative clip, shared by Jezebel, shows older Rose standing at the edge of the ship but, before she drops the necklace, she’s interrupted by Brock Lovett who tries to convince Rose to think carefully about what she’s about to do.

Y'know, that shiz is worth a TONNE of money and maybs you shouldn't be so selfish by just throwing it into the sea kinda thing.

When it becomes clear that Rose is a woman on a mish and ain't about to change her mind, Brock then begs to hold the necklace, for old times sake. After he falls in love with the jewellery (which was 100% predictable), Rose then slowly pulls it back out of his hand and chucks it off the side of the ship.

Everyone looks shocked, as you would be, but then something weird happens.

Brock and Rose share a ‘knowing’ look (after she accused him of looking for wealth in all the wrong places), before they proceed to laugh hysterically at the whole damn thing. Apparently tossing away a piece of jewellery worth more than a house back then is funny.

Safe to say, now we're even more confused than before and TG they didn't keep this ending.

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