Welcome to the run club

By Nicole Adolphe

So our very own cover girl Cheyenne Tozzi is motivating me to run this month!

Anyone that knows me knows I love exercise - no matter what it is, as long as it is fun. But… I'm not a big fan of slogging it out on boring gym equipment. When I heard about the Nike She Runs Sydney 10km event (it’s in Centennial Park on May 3), I was all in.

The only problem? Sure, I can walk for hours, do any form of yoga, surf, dance, you name it… but I've never been a runner. The longest run I’ve ever attempted is probably to the end of the street to grab a coffee.

For the past few weeks I’ve turned up to the run club near my house every Wednesday night and attempted to run 5km. Truthfully, there’s still a bit of walking going on… but I’ve got two more weeks to reach my goal. I’m sure the team spirit of thousands of girls running under the stars will miraculously push me into the 10km zone. Hopefully.

Our May cover girl Cheyenne is taking part too, so I caught up with her for a quick one-on-one, to swap training tips and lament our aching calf muscles:

Let me guess… you’re already a pro at running? No, I’m definitely beginners! I’ve never included long distance running in my fitness routine until now, so I’m enjoying the challenge. I'll often do a 30 min jog along the beach twice a week when I'm home in Sydney, but 10km – eek!

What level are you aiming for post-Nike training sessions? I’d like to be able to run the entire 10km without stopping!

How do you stay fit and keep in shape? I have a trainer that comes to my house three times a week - we focus on high intensity cardio, strengthening and toning. We’ve trained together for years, so he knows my schedule really well. He’s great at creating training programs I can travel with; they keep me motivated when I have to train in my hotel room (it’s a glamorous life). I love paddle boarding too, and when I’m not travelling I’ll go to yoga or pilates a few times a week.

I know you love eating well, but what the one indulgence you’d never give up? I could never give up Spaghetti Bolognese - it’s been my favourite meal for as long as I can remember.

Give me a quote that will get you (and me) out of bed at 5am to run… 'You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé’ always motivates me! Staying motivated is definitely a mental challenge. Travelling consistently for work and suffering jetlag most weeks, it’s easy to tell myself that I’m too tired to exercise. Looking at a picture of Giselle and seeing what happens when you train consistently helps change my thinking pretty fast!

What training do you do when travelling? I try to set aside 30 minutes a day to exercise, even if it’s just a power walk around whichever city I’m working in. I like to be out in the fresh air, experiencing the culture and doing something good for my mind and body. I’m also a recent convert to the Nike app, which guides you through interval training – it’s brilliant, particularly for me because I can use it wherever I am in the world.

What’s on your running play list - I'm going to need it!

  1. Clique by Kanye West (feat. Big Sean & Jay Z)

2. Numbers On The Boards by Pusha T

  1. Happy by Pharrell Williams

  1. Get Free by Major Lazer (feat. Amber)

  1. Crave You by Flight Facilities

  1. Little Birdie by Van Hoorn

  1. Don't Make A Fool Out Of Me by Kitty, Daisy and Lewis

Follow the journey and join in with local run clubs here!