The day I got my face tattooed

No, it's not a tear drop.

My brows are sort of my beauty ‘thing’. Some girls are known for their cascading hair, or ability to wear a bright lip without looking like a clown (oh, how I envy you). Me? My signature is the two clusters of hair above my eyes.

Exhibit A:

I’ve had them shaped and maintained once a fortnight religiously for years by the truly talented Kristin Fisher, based in Sydney’s Paddington.

However, due to the tadpole trend of the 1990’s (cheers, Drew Barrymore), my shape is still a little sparse and patchy thanks to excessive over plucking. Each day, I comb the hairs up then fill in the gaps (and create a sharp edge at the start of the brows) with brunette wax, setting it with dark powder.

This is all well and good except for when I go to the gym first thing in the morning; I can’t exactly have brown streaks running halfway down my face, so I have to go with un-filled-in brows. The injustice! And, when I am getting about, all (almost) fresh faced on weekend, I still have to fill in my brows. Not ideal. Plus, I have oily skin, so I often find my brow product shifts throughout the day.

For all of these reasons I decided to try Feather Touch Brow Tattooing.

Enter, Amy Jean. She’s one of those annoyingly stunning women who are equal parts nice and talented. You just want to be mates with her. Anyway, I visited her in her Sydney salon, though she has locations in Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, New Zealand, and even New York!

During my initial consult she discerned that I was a candidate for Feather Touch Tattoo (as not all people are), then filled in my brows to give me an idea of what they would look like.

The day of the treatment I went in an hour early to have numbing cream applied before the procedure. Then, she tidied and filled my brows in again to confirm we were on the same shape-page. Next up, show time! I was expecting a noisy traditional tattoo gun, but the reality is a lot more civilised.

Amy Jean uses a tiny scalpel-like instrument with several heads to gently scratch the skin, before the colour is applied. That’s the trick to getting hair-like stokes – not a heavy block shape.

The process is that simple. I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been asked if it hurt. No, it’s a tad uncomfortable, but totally bearable (and the numbing cream is a dream). I’ve also had people assume that the actual brows are removed beforehand. Not so – you keep your own brow hairs – this just helps to bulk them out visually.

I will go through the process once more in a months’ time, as the first application fades quite considerably (depending on your skins ability to hold the pigment). Results last for about a year, and can be easily topped up if you feel it’s needed.

As a lazy beauty girl, I’m clearly a fan. Now, if they could just invent a robot to cleanse my skin before bed, I’d be happy.

For more deets on Amy Jean, including the other treatments she offers, visit her website.