What women want

A deep voice, apparently…

So ladies, do the likes of Barry White do it for you? Yeh, us neither. But a new study has revealed that males with lower-pitched voiced attract women more than men with higher-pitched voices.

The Harvard University study showed that a "sexy" voice actually affects what researchers call "Darwinian fitness". That is, women find deeper male voices to be more attractive, and interestingly are particularly drawn to deep voices when they are at the peak of fertility.

The study also revealed that women consider deep male voices to be more dominant, older, and healthier

Men on the other hand, find higher-pitched voices in women to be more attractive, and consider them to be more feminine, healthier and younger sounding (which can only mean Kristen Chenoweth should be nabbed up by a man pretty soon…).

The research also showed that people with "attractive voices" seem to have more sex partners over their lifetimes – so start exercising those vocal cords!