Analysis time: Who's going to die in the final episode of 'The Vampire Diaries'?

We have a few thoughts on the matter.

While you were celebrating the brand new pictures of Elena’s return to Mystic Falls, you may have missed the fact that there’s going to be a funeral happening in town.

According Entertainment Weekly, the last episode includes a funeral at Mystic Falls cemetery. “This is a goodbye — and it’s a big one,” they write.

So who could it be? We’ve decided to be petty and make a list of who we want to live, and who we want to low-key die.

8. Elena

NOPE. We just lost her for a whole damn season and a bit. No way in hell we're going to lose Elena again.

7. Stefan Salvatore

Stefan has been there since day one. We've been through WAY too many humanity switches to give up now. Also, he's gotta be endgame with Elena.

6. Matt Donovan

C'mon, he's the ONLY human in the show... pretty much. Let's let him stay 'til the end, PLS!

5. Caroline Forbes

Caroline's gotta live so she can one day move to New Orleans and live happily ever after with Klaus. <3 <3 <3

4. Jeremy Gilbert

Would the writers really be so cruel to give us Jeremy, then kill him off? Surely not...

3. Alaric Saltzman

This legend's legit died about a thousand times already, so we doubt they'd put us through all that trauma a second time.

2. Bonnie Bennett

Poor Bonnie has been through so much, and now that Enzo is gone, the possibility (as heartbreaking as it is) of losing Bonnie is pretty probable.

1. Damon Salvatore

OK, hear us out. Since the beginning of TVD, Stefan's life has been dictated by his brother's actions. First of all, Damon turned Stefan, then he decided to make Elena his girl, and let's not forget how he completely crashed Stefan's new life in Mystic Falls. Also, considering that Elena will be returning as a human, there's a strong chance that she will be in love with Stefan (like before). Idk man, but all signs point to Damon.

The final episode of The Vampire Diaries airs on March 10.