Who is the Black Hood on ‘Riverdale’?

An investigation.

By Natasha Harding
who is the black hood on riverdale?

~SPOILER ALERT~: This article does reveal the black hood's real identity, scroll down to the bottom to find out who

Our obsession with Riverdale is stronger than ever with the release of season 2. And aside from a whole lot of Bughead dramah (thanks for nothing Toni Topaz), the one main plotline we've needed solving all this time is, who is the black hood?

Well, now Riverdale latest ep has just revealed the answer (scroll to the very bottom to find out).


Hal Cooper

Hal Cooper is rapidly becoming the favourite black hood suspect for more than a few reasons. To start, Hal is 'looking out for Betty', just like the black hood. Oh, and remember that massive town meeting where Betty made her speech about the future of Riverdale needing to be different? The same speech the black hood said 'inspired' him? Hal was there.

Hal has obviously also known Betty since her childhood, meaning he would have remembered her playing with the Nancy Drew code, the same secret script her clue was written in.

The black hood has said many a'time that he's carrying out a self-righteous moral purge of Riverdale, targeting only the sinners. And we know how well Hal took news of Polly's pregnancy with Jason Blossom. Not well at all.

He was also high school sweethearts with Alice, making him one of the only people in Riverdale who would have known about her Southside Serpent past (the very scoop the black hood blackmailed Betty into putting on the cover of the Blue and Gold).

As husband and wife, Hal and Alice are also super close and, since Alice never keeps a secret, it's likely Alice told Hal about the whole ordeal with Archie and Miss Grundy, who was the second target of the black hood.

Hal never approved of Betty dating Jughead, just one of the people the black hood's trying to distance her from. Also, when Betty asked the black hood if she would recognise his face, he said yes.

Last but not least, Hal also has GREEN EYES. Yeah.

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Sherriff Keller

Sherrif Keller always seems like kind of a good guy, I mean, he's a cop for godsake, but he might also be a guy who's gathered an epic motive while on the job. Whenever there's a murder in Riverdale, Keller's there to clean up the mess. And aside from making him want revenge and to clear Riverdale of all 'sinners', we can't help but think how fucking useless Sherriff Keller's investigation of the murders has been. Two possible explanations: 1) He doesn't care about people dying (which seems unlikely if he was worried for his son's safety in the woods), or 2) He knows something.

Either way, Archie and the guys were convinced so little was being done that they needed to start the Red Circle, which pissed off Keller.

Keller also has green eyes and very similar brows, meaning he's looking slightly more likely and, being a cop, he'd also have good access to a gun.

Last but not least, asshole South Side High teacher, Mr. Philips (AKA The Sugarman) was shot in his prison cell, somewhere only Keller would have access to after-hours right?

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Chic Cooper

Next up is Betty's long lost brother Chic Cooper. Y'know, Alice and Hal's high school 'accident' that they gave up for adoption?

Understandably, he'd have a bit of a chip on his shoulder, and definitely a motive for wanting to see Alice burn with that ex-con snap, but that also means he'd need an informant, or to still be in touch with someone from Riverdale, which is kinda unlikely.

Plus, we can't forget that the black hood told Betty that she would recognise him, and the whole part about Chic being 'long lost' means Betty probs didn't even meet him since she was born years later.

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Dilton Doiley

To date, Dilton's character only seems to have been introduced for the sole purpose of supplying Archie with a gun. The same gun which lead to dramah between Arch, Fred and Ronnie, and could have killed another Riverdale resident. So apart from having a pretty dodge moral compass, what else do we know about Dilton? Not much.

If we look to the Archie comics, we find out a little bit more. Turns out Dilton's character has a major crush on Betty, and he seems to be a bit of a social recluse, meaning he'd totally have a motive for wanting to break Betty and her mates up.

Also, he looks kinda seedy so I could kinda believe he's the black hood. The only problem is Dilton looks about 12 whereas the black hood has glasses (Dilton's could be fake though) and wrinkles around his eyes.

Which brings us to our last theory.

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Someone entirely new

The Archie Comics are deeply entwined in supernatural themes, something the producers confirmed would be introduced in season two.

Rewind back to when Fred Andrews was shot and Pop said 'it was like the Angel of Death had come to Riverdale'? And they kept replaying this same quote over and over again in the recaps?

Co-incidence, or foreshadowing?

Looks like only time will tell.

Mr Svenson (The Janitor)

In the season 2 midseason finale the Mr Svenson (the janitor) was revealed to be the man behind the infamous black hood.

Last ep Svenson (real name: Joseph Conway) was accused by Veronica and Archie when they found out he was the sole survivor of the Riverdale Reaper's massacre of his family when he was just a kid, meaning he'd have a justified motive for wanting revenge on the town and its sinners. But Joseph was quick to explain he wasn't on a vendetta because, on the same night, he pointed out the murderer of his family to townspeople at the time and the accused was then murdered. It's for this reason, Joseph argues, justice had 'been served'.

In the latest ep, it turns out Joseph actually accused the wrong guy. Yeah, he fucked up. Fast forward to the end of the new ep and things happen FAST. Betty and Archie are almost buried alive by the black hood before they manage to break free and Arch catches up with him, points a gun at his head and 'BANG' - Sheriff Keller shoots him dead. Then they take off the hood and, whaddaya know? It's bloody Joseph. Mystery = solved.

"I think the Black Hood saga, as we've been playing it, is over," executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa tells TVLine. "There's still going to be a lot of fallout from the Black Hood, though, to play and part of the reason the Black Hood fixated on her is because their darkness reflected each other. So yeah, that tease does imply that Betty's story with the Black Hood isn't over."

Now, here's that resemblance you've been waiting for:

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