Chad Michael Murray reveals why he REALLY skipped the ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival

This explains everything.

By Natasha Harding

It’s been three months after the Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life revival hit Neflix and we still have a tonne of unanswered questions.

To start, how the hell could they end the series on the realisation that Rory is preggers? And who is the father? Also, will there be a second set of episodes to address the paternity sitch? If so, when? Will Lorelai and Luke have a Stars Hollow wedding? And, importantly, where the actual eff was the OG Tristan Dugrey?

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Well, we can finally put at least one of these burning questions to rest.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chad reveals he “wasn’t available at the time.”

Which prompts the obvious follow up: WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN A GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL? Until now, we’ve had the lame-ass excuse that he just didn’t get round to it, which reeked of BS TBH, and it turns out it was just that.

In answer to our demanding question, he delivers the (only) acceptable response:

“I was pretty positive I was having a baby, my first child. It just did not work into what we were doing at the moment.”

And just like that, the no-show is forgiven <33

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As for the rando that played Tristan? Welp, Chad (who still hasn’t watched the revival) hears he totally #nailedit, and clapped towards the screen in praise.

LOL. I won't say anything if you don't…..