Why we’re looking forward to summer

As the warmer weather inches painfully closer, the Cosmo team shares what we are impatiently looking forward to…

Baring our legs- Be it in a skirt, dress or teeny, tiny pair of shorts… we've had our legs covered for months now and are dying to let them breathe. Death to opaques! Who doesn't love the feeling of a cool breeze brushing your freshly-shaven, tanned pins on a warm summer night?!

Frozen yoghurt- With so many frozen yoghurt bars popping up all over town, we can't wait to visit them all and experiment with the different flavours and toppings. Frozen treats minus the calories equals winning for us!

Festival season -Parklife, Stereosonic and Field Day are just the tip of the iceberg. Grab your friends, book your tickets and slap on some fake tan for a fun day in the sun - all to the soundtrack of your favourite beats.

Sandals- As your booties make their way to the back of your wardrobe, your sandals take priority. There are so many cute new styles out this summer we can't wait to invest in some strappy flats and heels to go with our pretty summer wardrobe.

Ditching the make-up- While baring a totally fresh face may be too much of an ask, we are certainly excited to tone down the foundation and bronzer, in favour of a light tinted moisturiser and some simple lip gloss and mascara. Be prepared for everything this summer and stick to waterproof, because panda eyes are never a sexy look.

Summer scents- Pack away those deep winter scents in favour of new floral flavours, like Marc Jacobs dot (we're loving this right now). Summer is all about keeping it light and fresh.

Bright nail polish- Pastels are everywhere this spring/summer, and that goes for your nail colour. Up the ante with your next mani/pedi and ditch the black for a bright coral or aquamarine.

Poolside reading- With so many good books set to be adapted into movies, we recommend you get comfortable in your deck chair and get ready for some serious reading. Some to look out for include The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson, which has been optioned by Selena Gomez's production company, and the Glass Castle, a memoir of Jeannette Walls, which is also planned for a film adaptation with the lead role rumoured to be taken by Jennifer Lawrence.

Daylight saving begins- And we welcome back our midweek social life. Remember a time when you would finish work and it was still light outside? Well it's nearing and we can't wait to double our after-work social activities.