A very distraught (and hangry) woman left Gelato Messina a breakup voicemail

I am very, very upset right now.

By Sammy Stewart

You know what's absolutely gut-wrenchingly sad?

Rocking up to your favourite delicious gelato store- on New Year's Eve- only to be met with a bloody "closed" sign.

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That's exactly what happened to one poor nameless woman on New Year's Eve. A loyal customer to the Fitzroy store in Melbourne decided to call Messina and did what any heartbroken girl would do; leave an aggressively emotional voicemail.

"My New Year's now ruined. I had plans to buy at least a litre and a half of Messina- as I do every week- and sit on my couch, and eat it and make New Year's Eve resolutions to never eat it again."

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"And you know what, because you are closed, it’s going to make my New Year’s Eve resolution of not eating Messina so much easier – because I am very, very upset right now."

She continued, "I guess this is goodbye. It was fun while it lasted."

The phone call basically goes through a rollercoaster of emotions (love, denial, anger, hate, empathy etc) and takes a rather interesting spin at the end.

Messina has since posted the hilarious recording on their Facebook page and are really, truly sorry for letting their girl down during her hour of need.

"To the lady who left this on our voicemail on New Years Eve, we really are sorry and we love you too. Let’s get back together?" the page posted.

Check out the hilariously tragic recording below:

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