This woman spent $10,000 to have Kim Kardashian's ass

Not much of a ‘money maker’ after all

By Bianca Mastroianni

36-year-old Marlene Chinea from Miami, Florida has recently spent a whopping $10,000 on a 'Brazilian butt lift' so she can have a twerkalicious booty like her idol - none other than Kim Kardashian of course!

"I modeled my butt on Kim Kardashian," Chinea told the Daily Mail*. "Kim is simply beautiful and anything she wears looks fabulous on her."

Truth tho ^^

Chinea had tried exercise, but unsatisified with the results, decided to take matters into her own hands...well a plastic surgeons hands technically.

"No matter how much exercise I did, I'd never get the results I wanted," she said.

Image: Caters News

In order for the procedure to go down, she had to put on weight which then took 4 pounds of fat from her body and INJECT them into her booty.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, also known as Dr. Miami from his widespread popularity admits that more people are deciding to get butt lifts because curves are totes in.

"[The Brazilian Butt Lift] is the fastest growing procedure in the United States," he said. "All the stars you see on TV have big curvy figures — and there's really no exercise in the gym that can give you that shape. You're either blessed with it, or you get it surgically."

All in all, Chinea is very happy with her new hourglass shape, and doesn't plan on getting any more work.

"I was so excited with my new body that I was sure to buy outfits that Kim K would wear," she said. "I bought a couple of bodysuits and pencil skirts like she's always wearing."

Image: Caters News

Go girl.

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