This LEGEND was added to a soccer mum group chat by accident, so she trolled the hell out of them

Random chick: 1. Soccer mums: 0.

By Erin Cook

Usually, the funniest messages in our inbox come via our parents. While they have the best intentions, parents have a knack for inappropriate use of acronyms (LOL does not = lots of love) and using emojis out of context.

Last week, Facebook user Christi Rantis Lally hit jackpot when she was accidentally added to a group chat of soccer mums. Rather than opting out of the chat, Christi decided to troll the unsuspecting mums — and we’re so glad she did.

Here, some of our favourite moments:

When she bragged about her ‘kid’s’ talent

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When she complained about the snacks

Christi Rantis Lally wins the internet this week. As you were...