The Disney Princess moment you missed in 'Wonder Woman'

The screenwriter has confirmed that this was all done on purpose.

By Katie Stow
wonder woman disney princess

Audiences have been frothing over the box office hit and all-round girl power winner Wonder Woman ever since its release. And with good reason — it is a top-notch film.

BUT while watching, you may have got some subtle childhood flashbacks during one particular scene…

Seem familiar?

Yes there are some serious (and surprising) overlaps between Wonder Woman and The Little Mermaid, and apparently they are 100% deliberate.

In fact, the whole beach scene between Diana and Steve Trevor was made to mimic the Ariel and Eric beach scene:

The screenwriter for Wonder Woman, Alan Heinberg, explained that he was definitely inspired by The Little Mermaid:

Wait, so she just wants to be "Part Of Your World"? Tearing up RN.

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