This pimple-popping video is the WORST yet


By Natasha Harding

If you’re that person who’s weirdly OBSESSED with pimple popping videos, step right this way. But, we warn you, this is the most disgusting one you’ve ever seen. There’s screaming, a vertical puss fountain and a whole lot of YUK.

As soon as the shit puss hits the fan, the cameraman (who must be pretty into the whole thing to decide to film it in the first place) can’t help but back away. Even the dermatologist, Tess Mauricio, is struggling with the epic mess that is this infected spot.

If you’re feeling brave, a word of advice: for the love of god, DON'T watch this within an hour of eating. If, however, your stomach's made of steel, go on and watch the entire video here.

Excuse us while we try to forget the whole damn thing.

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