PSA: You can now play Snake on Facebook Messenger

Because it's fucking iconic.

By Bianca Mastroianni
You can play snake game on facebook messenger

2017 is already looking more nostalgic than 2016 was, and we have zero qualms about it.

Not only has Nokia announced that they will be releasing their iconic Nokia3310 again (omg), even BlackBerry's are coming back into the market!

But Facebook Messenger might just be trying to rival Nokia's epic return.

We all know the best thing about their phone - aside from lasting months on end without charging etc - was the game Snake.

Messenger's game looks different, but it's really the exact same concept of the game we know and love.

Here's how to start playing ASAP:

Open Messenger > Open a conversation with someone, or heck even yourself > Press the game button > Open Snake ... that's basically it lol.

ENJOY! See you in the early 2000's!!