Your A-Z guide for a totally epic NYE

Best. Night. Everrrrrrrr.

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LBR, New Year’s Eve can be stressful.

The pressure to have the Greatest Night of Your Life + having zero dollars after Christmas + 11 million people at the bar in front of you = ALL OF THE FUN.

So we’ve pulled together the Cosmo A-Z guide of NYE that guarantees an awesome night.

From dresses you can actually afford and long-lasting beauty buys that will give you life, to ALLLL of the pre-party hosting tips, it’s everything you need to slay NYE. Enjoy!

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A party is nothing without your squad so make sure that whatever you end up doing, your BFFs are doing it, too. Even if it means compromising on location, you’ll end up winning in LOLs.

Beauty prodz that stay put
Don’t be the girl that misses the goss because you were reapplying your makeup for the 876th time. Make the most of multi-taskers that save you money and keep your face in place. Try CINCH Face Cheat Moisture + Glow, $39.99. The primer/moisturiser/glow-getter will make your foundation look better and last longer. And if ever there was a time for waterproof mascara, this would be it. NYE is more emo than The Notebook.

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If you’re hosting a NYE party, streamline the bar and offer one signature cocktail. You can pre-make a batch and let guests help themselves, plus you don’t have to lug a million mixers back from the shops. Try The Sparkling Gin Gin.

Props should be mandatory for NYE. Forget spending a fortune, the tackier the better. Head to a dollar store, get all of the garish decorations you can find, and then watch in glee as your guests get more and more attached to them with every sip. LOLZ.

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We’re not talking Magic Mike-style entertainment – but if that’s your jam, go for it (and send us your address) – just an epic party playlist. Organise it beforehand so you’re not stressing and changing the song every two seconds. And if in doubt, go for classic beats by Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Rihanna.

Eye contact really is the key to a NYE pash. “Establish your target and make quick eye contact with him three times. Emphasis on quick. Do not stare. That’s just creepy. Next, find a reason to move past your target to the other side of the room. (Bathroom break? Another drink?) As soon as you’re close enough, hold eye contact. Lastly? Keep holding eye contact! And just when you’re moving past him, smile. Then continue on your way. That’s it. Try it and see,” says dating pro Chiara Atik.

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If you can’t go OTT on all things sparkly at NYE, then when the hell can you? Try a sexy shimmering eyeshadow or make some festive ice cubs with edible glitter flakes. YAS.

Happy New Year
Not to be all let's-make-a-plan-about-a-plan, but NYE can srsly fly by. One minute it's 9pm and the next it's a whole new YEAR, so decide what you want to be doing at midnight before the clock actually strikes 2017. Set a godamn alarm if you have to. Just don't miss it.

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Get your squad shots at the start of the night and save any late-night shenanigans for Snapchat where your boss/nan/barista won’t see them.

NYE is the chance to bring the show-stopping bling. We love these beautiful Samantha Wills Wildest Dreams Ornate Earrings, $229. Put them on your Christmas list stat.

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Killer outfit
Looking baben on NYE just got easier. We found nine dupes for Kendall’s FIRE 21st dress – and six of them are under $100. Brb, online shopping.

Late-night food
You will be hungrier than you’ve ever been at 2.03am on January 1. Buy in bulk now.

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If you’re povo ‘cos Christmas, set a budget for how much money you want to spend on NYE including outfit, pre-drinks and transport money. If you don’t trust yourself to stick to it, ask your bestie to hold onto your card and only take cash to avoid any drunken blowouts.

NYD plan
Head to the beach with your BFFs or pre-shop for snacks and plan a Netflix and (actual) chill day.

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If you’re hosting a NYE party, keep a checklist for decorations, entertainment, food, drinks and guest list so on the night of the party, you can sit back and relax, fizz in hand.

Plastic cups
Pack all of your (or your landlord’s) glasses away and use plastic cups for any pre-drinks or parties. Bonus: no breakages and no washing up!

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Quit freaking out
NYE can bring on a major case of anxiety. What am I doing with my life? I should be married/successful/rich, but I’m not. Breathe. It might be a new year, but it’s just another day. You are exactly where you should be, celebrating with people who love you. You got this.

Make them if you want, don’t make them if you don’t. Just don’t make rash, unrealistic and hungover ones on NYD and then feel guilty for not keeping them!

NYE calls for Gatsby-levels of grandeur so treat yo’ self with a vintage drop like Yellowglen Vintage Pinot Noir Chardonnay.

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Whether you’re going to a house party or hitting the local bar, theme dressing can be a fun way to set your squad apart from the rest. You can go all-out like the Hemsworths with a fancy dress party or just pick a colour and dress accordingly.

Uber eats
Your BFF the next day.

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Very important…
Have fun!

Repeat after us: I will drink one glass of water before I go to bed. I will drink one glass of water before I go to bed.

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Can't be bothered going out? Three words: Gossip Girl marathon. Invite your bestie over. Add bubbles. Love lyf.

On the night, if in doubt, live by the YOLO rule. It’s NYE after all!

Sleep easy after having the Best. Night. Ever.

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