Your greatest summer. Ever.

From outdoor cinema to BB cream, we give you the top 10 summer essentials...

The department stores have assembled their Christmas displays and it’s still light when you leave work, the signs are undeniable: summer is coming! So to make sure you make the most of the beautiful weather, we’ve found the 10 things you can’t live without this season…

1. Fake tan
We all know there is nothing healthy about a real tan. While you should definitely soak up some vitamin D at the beach this summer (if you’re wearing 30+), swap burnt limbs for a fake bake. Your skin will love you for it (especially when you’re older and the signs of ageing are minimal). If you need to some tips for how to look like a (fake) tanned goddess: Fake tanning 101 2. Tickets for outdoor music
The warm weather and longer days mean you should be spending as much time outside as possible. Rather than devoting your nights to being holed up in bars, enjoy music, fresh air and good company in the great outdoors. If you aren’t into the madness of the big music festivals, just look for small local music events like council-run Christmas carols or jazz in the park. You could also head to one of the many outdoor cinemas that open during the summer months and enjoy some classic flicks and beanbags action. Moonlight cinema heads to many of our capital cities. Sydneysiders can enjoy Carols in the Domain.

3. Picnic basket
The trusty picnic basket means impromptu al-fresco dining is easy as pie. It’s not just handy for bringing goodies to your evening of outdoor entertainment, it’s also offers the perfect opportunity for lazy Sunday lunches in the park with friends or for romantic dates, and the best bit is that this won’t blow the budget. 4. One overnight gals’ trip booked to wine country
We all need to get away sometimes and what better way to rest and repair than to book a few spa treatments, enjoy some choice wines and gossip about the men in your lives with your favourite girls. Some girlie TLC will have you super ampted for the fun summer parties.

5. Jelly sandals
Cost-effective, comfy and available in a wide range of popping colours, but the best bit about jelly sandals is that they feel just like childhood! We say you’re never too old for jelly! They are the perfect way to add summer brights to your wardrobe without breaking the budget.

6. An A-grade blender
We declare summer is the season of margaritas and smoothies! With the hot weather and the crazy social schedule, whipping up a healthy (portable) breakfast is essential and what’s better than a delicious blend of yoghurt and berries? An A-grade blender will get you through whether you’re making daiquiris, frappes, or green juices.

7. Speedos and a swimming cap
The warm weather means you can finally get active outdoors without getting the chill. With the warm weather, the hot season is the perfect time to dive in and get a refreshing aqua workout. Swimming is very, very good for you, so make hay (or get wet) while the sun shines because it won’t feel so good come winter. Skip the bikini and get serious with a full piece and swimming cap (so you can avoid scarecrow hair).

8. Healthy ice cream recipes
Summer isn’t summer without a few litres of ice cream being consumed (at least, that’s what we tell ourselves). But make sure you have a few healthy post-dinner treats too so you have some balance. Explore the blogosphere for some great “ice cream” treats that will make your body sing. We hear avocado is great alternative to cream but we’ll leave it up to you to decide. We heart Mynewroots' simple banana recipe and 84th and 3rd’s chocolate ice cream. 9. A decent barbeque
You might not be keen to “throw a shrimp on the barbie”, but that doesn’t mean a good cook up isn’t an excellent idea. Skip the shrimp (and instead enjoy some veggie skewers, sausages and good company for a relaxed lunch. Better yet, with a decent barbeque on hard, you can whip up last minute dinners in a pinch.

10. BB Cream
The heat and sweat means you want as little product on your face as possible. Rather than layering sunblock, anti-aging serums, moisturiser and foundation, get to the point with an all-in-one BB cream. Our latest obsession, BB creams help you keep it simple while giving you everything you need.

The most important part is cease the day (and your skin care protection) and head out to enjoy the blue skies. Make the most of the long days and good weather to enjoy fresh air and great company. It always goes too fast.