Your life to-do list

A new year = a new (improved) you. These are the life admin checkboxes to tick off this summer…

By Edwina Carr
Life to do list

We know, we know, when you’re in a chilled summer mindset it can be hard to get yourself organised to tackle the year ahead. Sipping cocktails by the pool just seems a lot more appealing, right? But if you can put your mojito aside for an while to implement these easy changes in your life, you’ll be a healthier, wealthier, wiser version of you in no time…

Book in for a makeover

Had the same old haircut for a while? You’d be amazed what a fun new hairstyle will do for your confidence. “Sit down with your hairdresser to have an in-depth chat about your lifestyle, how long you have to get ready each morning and your hair type. That way they can tailor a haircut exactly to your needs. It’ll save stacks of time when you’re styling it in the mornings. Have it trimmed and reshaped every six weeks to keep it fresh,” recommends Cosmo’s beauty director, Leigh Campbell.

Set some (career) goals

Write a full list of career goals for the new year – they can be as little as “getting to know [insert colleague’s name] a little better” or “score my dream promotion”. “If you want to get ahead in your career it's critical to think about what you want to achieve and how you're going to get there,” explains career and business coach Faye Hollands. “By setting specific and timely career goals you will increase your level of focus and commitment to make those things happen.” Be sure to keep tabs of your goals list throughout the year to set you on track if you feel like you’re getting stale.

Sell unused clothes

You know that bag of clothes you permanently keep in your closet but can’t bear to give away in case one day you want to wear them? Sell them. Now. “Selling clothes you barely ever wear at a market stall or online will get you some extra cash to buy new pieces for 2014,” explains Cosmo’s fashion director Nicole Adolphe. “Give what you don’t sell to charity.” A rule to live by? If you haven’t worn it in the last six to 12 months – sell it!

Be real about real estate

Do you want to be renting with five roomates forever? Our guess is no. So you’re clued up on what’s happening in the property market and just how much you’d need to save to buy a place, start to learn about the grants available to you and what things like “stamp duty” mean now. (FYI, it’s the cost of transferring the ownership of your new pad from the previous owner’s name into yours). Read this to learn more housing facts.

Aim to become a “no lady” sometimes

While you might feel harsh telling someone that you’re just too busy to catch up with them, saying “yes” to everything will ensure that you’re permanently rushing. “Don’t feel obligated to attend an event because you feel like you should, you’ll just end up feeling resentful towards that person and it’s really not their fault,” explains life coach Lisa Phillips. Get acquainted with saying “no”, but do it in a tactful way. “Use phrases such as 'I would love to but can't make it that night',” Lisa says. Offer to reschedule at a time when you’re not so busy.

Learn to spend wisely

Here’s your financial mantra for 2014: cut spending on the boring stuff so you can splurge on the fun stuff. Let us explain; if you make smart financial choices from Monday to Friday, it means that you’ll have more leeway on the weekend when you really to live large. Sure, it’s great in theory, but actually making it happen? Here’s how to do it: “If you normally buy a coffee, lunch and a snack at work, that’s around $20 day which equates around $100 a week. Buy groceries and bring your lunch and snacks to work for a fraction of the cost,” says financial expert Nicole Cannon. That’s $100 more in your pocket for shopping or lunch with the ladies – score!