18 signs you're with the man you should marry

Because a big fat diamond is not quite enough.

By Laura Collins
18 signs you're with the man you should marry

1. He makes off-hand comments about the future that imply you’ll still be together, Like, "In 10 years, when we have our place…"

2. You make a kick-arse team, and that means everything from household chores and Pictionary to the serious stuff.

3. He’s not totally horrified when you walk out of the bathroom wearing a sheet mask.

4. You’re capable of having it out, and sorting it out, in a reasonable time frame. No, ignoring each other for a week is not reasonable.

5. He says, "I love you" – even when you’re in your daggiest track pants and watching New Girl re-runs, deep in sloth mode.

6. He tells you how smokin’ hot you look when you actually make an effort (because we all know "you look nice" doesn’t cut it).

7. When he met your (possibly crazy) extended family, he didn’t leg it.

8. When you’re apart, you miss each other in a genuine way, not in a 15-year-old’s way.

9. You’ve successfully travelled together for more than two weeks without any major bust-ups.

10. You have similar long-term goals, whether it’s buying a house, starting a family, or "doing Coachella" every year until you’re too old to travel by plane.

11. You hate living in share houses and dealing with other humans in general, but you never get sick of hanging out (or waking up next to) him.

12. He has a polite way of telling you those frittatas you made for dinner are terrible.

13. You’re not just "still together" after a rough patch, your relationship is genuinely stronger because you take those opportunities to improve on what you’ve got.

14. He lets you play beauty therapist on him, and appreciates that you have a wealth of skincare knowledge you want to share with him.

15. No matter how long you’ve been together, he still does romantic things for you – like sending you sweet YouTube links at work, or going to 7/11 to buy you a Maxibon when you can't be arsed getting out of bed, but you reeeeeally want one.

16. He’s nice to your friends.

17. His friends are nice to you.

18. You don’t ever think about Happily Ever After, because as far as you’re concerned, you’ve got it.