A body of lies

A new survey suggests most guys would rather lie than tell you the truth about your booty…

Next time you want to ask your BF if your butt looks big, save your breath, because chances are he’ll lie. A new survey says a third of dudes will B.S when asked if they think their GF’s butt looks big in a dress, while the rest will try to change the subject or blame the colour. Smooth, or not!

It’s not like we want to hear the brutal honesty of Adam from Girls – seriously, we don’t need to be told that we’re (insert your chosen number) kgs overweight by our beloved – but we also don’t want our boyfriend secretly thinking we look like a hippo, when we’re thinking that we’re bringing sexy back!

But guess what, guys don’t just save it for us girls: they are also less likely to be straight with a co-worker about delicate subjects, like her really bad B.O.

Apparently women’s love of talking everything out means we’re twice as likely to speak up and give said co-worker the “you smell” talk – so how about manning-up boys and trying a little honesty?!

But the survey also showed we’re not totally honest either, women are twice as likely to arrange to meet someone with no intention of showing up, ever. Oops! While only a third of guys have stood a chick up (but probably hated what she was wearing and didn’t tell her…do we sound bitter?!).

What really surprises us is only 28 percent of people have given someone a fake number. We reckon it’s higher than that – they’re obvs lying!