Are you obsessed with your ex?

Dating has long been an etiquette minefield (without it, Jane Austen would never have written a single word), but the arrival of the internet and social networking has made it even more treacherous. It seems nobody knows how to behave around their exes on Facebook (we advocate a strict de-friend, no-profile-checking policy) according to a new study by YourTango. 48 per cent of respondents confessed to checking out their ex's profile, and 42 per cent of married women have clicked on an ex's profile more than once. In response to the findings, YourTango is declaring February 13 "Break Up With Your Ex Day." If you're a little too obsessed with your ex, the boffins at YourTango suggest de-friending and un-following your ex on social networking sites, blocking them from IM services, deleting their contact details and most importantly, moving on and getting back on the dating scene. PLUS: Need some advice on how to handle your break-up on Facebook. We got it.