This cooked dating site only lets you in if members vote you as ‘attractive’ enough

Is ‘Attractive World’ the harshest way to date, ever?

Attractive World Dating Website

Being a single gal and trying to find a boyfriend can be tough in the current climate — your main options seem to be online dating, or signing yourself up to The Bachelor Australia.

Obviously, most go for option one, thinking that it will be less harsh being away from the public eye and communicating with ~normal~ humans. However, there's a new dating site on the scene that may be more brutal than The Bachelor, as it has its own equally-harsh digital-version of a rose ceremony.

Attractive World is a dating platform that originated in France and has now made its way to Australia, and into my inbox.

Selling itself as an ‘exclusive’ dating site for those looking for more than a casual hook up, Attractive World has a unique way of filtering Aussie singles: By letting current members vote on whether they are hot enough to get in.

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Yup, you read that right: you have to be deemed ‘attractive’ enough by singles already on the site to get in, which, when you think about it for 0.00001 seconds, is fucking harsh.

“Every applicant to Attractive World has to upload a photo or they simply can’t sign up,” says Bart Visser, Attractive World’s Brand Director. Once the applicant has uploaded a photo and answered five short questions, their profile is put up on a voting page for members to rate whether they are worthy of getting into this “carefully-curated community.”

With a three in 10 chance of getting in, and brutal phrasing like “find out if you’ve got what it takes to make the cut” bolded in their marketing emails, I crumbled to my competitive nature and applied to get into Attractive World. Here’s how things went…

My Attractive World application

First things first: photo time. The pressure surrounding a standard Tinder profile picture is tough enough, but knowing that this was the key to my entry into this wanky world, I had to be strategic.

I went for a cute photo me at fashion week. Not booby or overly made-up, far enough away from the camera and with a hella good filter.

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Next, it was time to create a username and answer five very short questions (because that’s apparently all you need to know to judge someone’s attractiveness).

The questions were…

  1. What makes you interesting?
  2. What are you here for?
  3. Describe your career. (Side note: Attractive World drops some heavy hints about its users being ‘affluent’, so I used this as a chance to #humblebrag)
  4. Name your favourite book, movie and artist.
  5. What's your definition of a good evening?

Once those were filled in I hit the ‘apply’ button and this screen popped up.

So now I know that I have to be moderated by Attractive World and then brutally judged by the members before finding out on Sunday whether I have “the privilege to enter in to our community.” Spoiler alert: This obnoxious rhetoric can be found throughout the entirety of the site and it is damn exhausting.

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The Result

I patiently waited for Sunday, and the fate that would follow, to swing by. In fact, I waited so patiently that I completely forgot about it and didn’t open the email until Monday morning at work.

The result: I GOT IN.

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Bloody miracle. I made the cut, I bucked the trend and was one of the ‘attractive’ three out of 10.

How did I feel about it? Kinda insulted. I know that I am ridiculously competitive, and that it was kind of an ego boost to be ‘accepted’, but I felt gross and didn’t want to accept this strange judgey-validation.

Inside the site

I had a snoop around the site and, annoyingly, most of it is restricted and blurred out, as you have to pay for a premium profile to gain full access. To dive fully into Attractive World you have to pay $49.95 for one-month access and a bit cheaper if you sign up for longer.

Actually, one of the only things I could do was vote on applicants, which felt fucking weird, and I morally refused to do it. Even the screen full of hopeful faces made me feel bleak.

As for my ‘success’ on the site, I got a few messages here and there. However, weirdly, Attractive World doesn’t let you specify the age of the guys/girls you are looking for, meaning I got messages from 50 year olds who were not welcomed… Perhaps you can fiddle with that in your profile settings later on, but TBH I really don’t want to go back into that judgey-vortex to investigate.

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In conclusion, I didn’t love my time on Attractive World. Despite the Brand Director saying, “It’s 2017 and we’re looking at the new attractive. It’s not just about looks. It’s about personality too,” I couldn’t help but feel like it was a bit of a brutal space that encourages judgement and snootiness — which I don’t feel are the best foundations for a relationship. The site is pretty successful in France, so perhaps I could be wrong, and maybe this is a place where you could find love, but, unfortunately, all I really wanted to find was the ‘delete my profile’ button.