This is EXACTLY where you need to be standing to get the best matches in Sydney and Melbourne

We have the insider scoop on dating apps.

By Katie Stow

We're always looking for ways to up our online dating game — whether it's picking the most prime pic for our profile, or crafting the funniest (but not too try-hard-hilarious) bio to increase our chances of getting someone to like us back.

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But perhaps we were optimising in the wrong way? New data has been released from Happn about where you ~physically~ need to be to get the most matches. And the results may surprise you…

Where to be in Sydney for the best chances of a match

Based off this very useful research, Sydneysiders seem to be finding love at the beach (hitting up the surf at Bondi and Manly) and crushing on dudes at transport hotspots.

We know, Town Hall station doesn’t seem like the ~sexiest~ spot to strike up a romance, but if you think about it, there are a hell of a lot of fellas knocking around there — AND they are likely to be hawt businessmen doing important shiz, which gives us all the naughty Christian Grey thoughts…

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Must. Not. Lose. Focus.

Save this pic as your go-to hook up map of Sydney:

Here are your top spots in order of match-likely-ness in Sydney:

  1. Bondi
  2. Oxford St
  3. TownHall
  4. Newtown
  5. Double Bay
  6. Kings Cross
  7. Manly Beach
  8. The Rocks
  9. Museum
  10. Surry Hills

Where to be in Melbourne for the best chances of a match

Melbournites seem to be in the business for matching — as they are doing most of their swiping in the CBD. Good if you are passing the time at work looking for love online, naaahht so great if you're a boss and all your workers are slacking off and spending all their time on dating apps!

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Other big hot spots for Happn matches in Melbourne include Chapel Street and Chinatown — so you can sip on some won ton soup whilst you await your Prince (or Princess) Charming’s arrival.

Here are your top 10 spots in order of match-likely-ness in Melbourne:

  1. CBD
  2. Chapel St
  3. South Yarra
  4. Flinders St
  5. Prahran
  6. Windsor
  7. Spencer St
  8. Chadstone
  9. Chinatown
  10. Ormond Rd

Now we've armed you with this insider knowledge, we expect to see way more of you lurking around these city spots in the hope that cupid’s arrow (AKA that perfect match) hits you EXACTLY where you expect it to.

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