Body bits guys love

There are four parts of your body that men love no matter what, says Osher Gunsberg, so let’s forget about our hang ups ladies…

By Osher Gunsberg
Woman in bikini

If you’ve ever worried about a part of your body to the point where you haven’t enjoyed – or worse, avoided – sex because of it, please stop that right now. If you’re eating with care, not convenience, and you’re exercising regularly, the good news is you’re sexy enough.

I’m a man. Therefore my sex drive pretty much always overrides any body insecurities I have. With that in mind, remember that once a man is naked with you in bed, he really doesn’t care about anything that bothers you about your body. At all.


For example, your bum mightn’t look like the bums you’re enviously double-tapping on Instagram. But when you’re with one of us men, your bum is the only bum in the room… and therefore it’s the only bum in the world.


Worried that your boobs are too big/small/real/fake? Us guys don’t care. They’re the boobs attached to you and that makes them the boobs we will happily enjoy. If a man isn’t into your boobs, he’s not worth being into.


As for tummies, well, have you ever seen a lingerie or swimsuit ad where the model is bending forward? No? That’s because tummies roll. They do that naturally. So don’t let it stop you enjoying any fun position where you’re bent over one way or another. We’re too busy trying to believe we’re having sex with someone real and not on the internet to care. Honestly.


Let’s talk downstairs. In the words of my beautician mate (who’s seen more women without knickers than we’ve had hot dinners), “Vaginas are like snowflakes: no two are alike.”

Innies, outies, asymmetrical, big, small – there’s no such thing as “normal”. No man ever said, “I was going to have sex with her, but I took her undies off and she was an outie so I put my jeans on and left.”

The fact you’re into us is mind-blowing enough. So enjoy that power! Remember, nothing is sexier than the look in a woman’s eye when she knows what she wants, loves her body, and lets you get your hands on it.

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