Psycho boyfriend gave his girlfriend a list of rules that will have you raging

Seriously, this boy needs a restraining order.

By Katie Stow
boyfriend crazy text rules

This week, a 20 year-old manchild, called Josh, sent a list of rules to his girlfriend for her holiday — AND IT WAS FUCKED.

The picture of ‘Lucy’s rules for Maga’ [Magaluf, the popular party island in Spain] has gone viral, as it demonstrates how possessive and controlling some partners can be.

The list essentially outlines that Lucy isn’t allowed to talk/look/interact/have photos with/be near any other boys, even saying that if one of her friends brings a boy back to their hotel that Lucy must leave and FaceTime her nutty boyfriend ASAP.

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He also says that she's not allowed to take any drugs, and that he’ll conduct a drug test on her return to check she hasn’t lied about taking any.

Now is probably the time to bring up the fact that Lucy and Josh ARE NOT EVEN DATING (according to Lucy’s pal Ashleigh who shared the pic). We know that this type of behaviour is still dodgy as hell if they were together, but if they aren’t even ~officially dating~, or are exes, then this is next-level nuts.

Have a look at the frightening evidence for yourself:

  1. No talking to boys
  2. No photos with boys (including group photos)
  3. Don’t let a boy take a picture on your phone
  4. No adding boys on Snapchat, swapping numbers or Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  5. No eye contact with boys
  6. No buying boys drinks or letting boys buy you drinks
  7. No drugs, I will drug test you when you get back
  8. Straight back to your hotel at the end of each night
  9. You can’t wingman your mates, they’re ugly enough to pull themselves
  10. If your girls have boys back, leave the room and FaceTime me.

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Let’s just remind ourselves that women are not the property of their partners, and that we shouldn’t stand for this kind of psychotic behaviour. We’ve all been a little drunk in love before, but this dude is COOKED on craziness.

We’re not sure what unravelled between Lucy and Josh, but we really hope that he's keeping his distance, and Lucy is getting on with her life and living it however the hell she wants to.

And if this sort of thing is happening to you, we recommend you repeat these words to your fella with the same pizazz and passion as Poehler over here:

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Stay independent, ladies!