Could Ryan Gosling be a cheater?

A new study on love rats asks the age old questions… what’s in a name?

Even though we flat out refuse to believe it, it looks like Ryan Gosling is probably a cheater.

A poll of 2000 women conducted by concluded the name Ryan is number three in the top ten love rat names. Meaning Blake Lively should also watch her back.

The survey asked participants to relive their past exploits, naming and shaming the men who’d cheated on them as well as ranking men’s names according to how trustworthy they sounded.

A whopping 68% revealed they were victims of a cheater, so obviously they considered themselves experts on the subject and therefore scientifically qualified to recommend you stay away from certain men.

So if any guys with these monikers offer to buy you a drink, proceed with caution:

Wayne (Rooney, confirmed cheater):

Liam (Hemsworth, too pretty to be a cheater):

Ryan (Reynolds, was married to ScarJo, now married to Blake Lively - no reason to cheat):

Matt (McConaughey... OK, technically he's "Matthew" but we just wanted an excuse to perve):

Craig (David, beds women two days after meeting them. Potential cheater):

Steve (Carrell, owns to many joggers to be of interest to women other than his wife):

Scott (Disick - aka The Lord. Too afraid of Kourtney):

Dean (McDermott, confirmed cheater!):

Mark (Wahlburg, too busy being funky):

Lee (Kernaghan, only attractive to Farmer Wants A Wife contestant):

While many would argue stats don’t lie, we’re not sure ‘that sounds like a shady name’ is ground for scientific fact.

Plus Liam Hemsworth, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds would never cheat on us. Wayne, however, does sound like a bit of a sleaze…