Detox your contacts list

Barely have five minutes in your calendar where you’re not catching up with someone? Fix this, stat.

By Edwina Carr
women socialising

Feel like your life is a never-ending social event where you move from catching up with an acquaintance, to coffee with a long-lost friend, to drinks and dinner with a new mate? Our guess is that you’re suffering from a pretty serious case of social fatigue. Here’s how to detox your social life so you actually get a minute to chill.

Be ruthless

According to life coach Lisa Phillips, you need to sort your most important friendships from the not-so-important ones. “Spend your time and energy on the people you feel good around; those that build you up rather than knock you down. Your time is precious so spend it on the people you most care about,” she says. We’re not telling you to completely shut someone out of your life if they’re not your BFF, just make your main priority hanging out with those who you love most.

Schedule “you” time

We know, you’d feel pretty dorky scheduling a meeting in your diary titled “Hanging out with me, myself and I,” but we urge you - DO IT. “When we’re rushing around all the time, we don't get chance to rest our body or out mind. Even a 10 minute walk alone can help you feel more grounded,” advises Lisa. And that means NO checking your phone and connecting with people on social media, either.

Be a “no” lady

While you might feel harsh telling someone that you’re just too busy to catch up with them, saying “yes” to everything will ensure that you’re permanently rushing. “Don’t feel obligated to attend an event because you feel like you should, you’ll just end up feeling resentful towards that person and it’s really not their fault,” explains Lisa. Get acquainted with saying “no”, but do it in a tactful way. “Use phrases such as 'I would love to but can't make it that night',” Lisa says. Offer to reschedule at a time when you’re not so busy.

Forget FOMO

Ah, FOMO, you’re the reason that we say yes to a party we don’t really want to go to. What if something happens and I miss out? What if it actually turns out to be the party of the year? Ladies, it’s time to give your Fear Of Missing Out the flick. “If you spend all your time worrying that you’ll miss out of trying to keep others happy you won’t make yourself happy,” Lisa advises. “Give yourself a break and let go of the need to control everything.” Is there really anything wrong with a night on the couch watching chick flicks?

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