Flirting 101

Kinda suck at getting a guy’s attention? We’ve got five flirting tricks that’ll have him under your spell, stat.

woman and man flirting

Even talking to a guy who’s approached you can be nerve-wracking, let alone actively trying to flirt with him. While to some, flirting might come effortlessly, for others (read: us!) it’s an emotional rollercoaster. It can be seriously hard to walk that fine line between confident and, erm, kinda desperate when flirting, don’t you think? Which is why we’ve come up with the four flirting tricks that will set you on the path to seducing a lucky gentleman…

#1: Play the “help me” card

We’re not suggesting you go all “damsel in distress” on him, but asking for a guy’s help is a sure-fire way to get him to interact with you. “Find an excuse to start a conversation with him. If he’s ordering a drink at the bar, go stand next to him and say something like, ‘I can’t decide which beer to order. What’s your favourite?’” suggests sex and relationship expert Elly Klein. Why? “Guys love to feel needed.” Noted.

#2: Steer him into asking you on a date

No one wants to beg for a date. No one. But it can be hard when you desperately want a guy to know you’re keen but don’t know how to show him. “Say something like, ‘I’ve heard [insert movie name] is really good, I really want to go see it.’ If he likes you, he’s sure to pick up on the hint,” says Elly. This will make it super easy for him to ask you out without making it a grand gesture. A word of advice? Pick a film that you’ll both be into…

#3: Text with subtext

Who says all your flirting has to be done face-to-face? In an age where we can sometimes spend more time connecting with people on our phones than IRL, it’s important to know how to set a flirty tone in texts. Already dating someone? “Send him a random text in the middle of the day, like ‘I miss your kisses’. It lets him know you’re thinking about him but you’re not being too needy or dropping the ‘L’ bomb,” advises Elly.

#4: Long-term flirting

Think flirting stops once you’ve snagged your man? Uh-uh. You can and should get your flirt on when you’re in a relationship. How? Give your man a compliment. “Flirting is a simple and fun way to keep the magic alive once you have a boyfriend. Find inventive ways to pay him a compliment. If he looked extra hot in his suit this morning, send him a text or leave him a note to tell him,” says Elly. It’ll totally do the trick.

#5: Eye contact

Dating guru Chiara Atik spoke to Cosmo about the three-step flirting move that works every time. “Firstly, establish your target and make quick eye contact with him three times. Emphasis on quick. Do not stare. That’s just creepy. Next, find a reason to move past your target to the other side of the room. (Bathroom break? Another drink?) As soon as you’re close enough, hold eye contact. Lastly? Keep holding eye contact! And just when you’re moving past him, smile. Then continue on your way. That’s it. Try it and see, dear readers.”

Have you tried any of these dating tips? Did they work?