Get on a man-roll

A man-roll is like a lucky streak but instead of winning cash, you’re scoring dates. The experts dish on how to trigger your own…

Just when you’re wondering where all the dudes are at, they start emerging out of the woodwork like they’re vampires and you’re the last female on earth. That’s called a man-roll, and yep, it’s awesome. So rather than wait for one to arrive, we’ve asked matchmaker and dating coach Samantha Jayne how to trigger your own man-roll.

“This is easier than you think! Being on a man-roll has more to do with YOU than anyone else. It’s all about putting it out there and most importantly keeping your eyes open,” says Jayne.

Draw them in with your charm

Attraction is a universal phenomenon and when it comes to personality, there are some traits that are just as appealing to guys as they are to girls. So when thinking about how to draw men like moths to a flame, consider what draws you to a dude.

Think about it: when you first meet a guy, there’s nothing more off-putting than listening to him whine, sulk and act like a moody child. Likewise, no one wants to listen to you complain about work or the weather for 20 minutes. People are drawn to others who are confident and happy, so focus on letting your glittering personality shine through, DON’T air your dirty laundry during the first couple of meetings (or ever).

If you find you can be a pessimist, despite your best efforts not to be, Jayne recommends a gratitude journal: “Write down three things you are grateful for every day whether it be the bright sun, your friends, family or the amazing memories of your holidays…whatever is special for you!” This way you will get yourself in a positive mindset, ready to greet all the guys lining up for you.

Make him feel good

You love it when a guy compliments you, and dudes aren’t immune to a little flattery either.

“Don’t be afraid to throw him a cute and light compliment about his sexy height, or biceps, cheeky smile or his sense of humour.”

Further, if he does something for you, like buy your dinner, pick you up, or compliments you, let him know you appreciate it.

On the hunt

While (most) guys love the chase, they need a little encouragement to begin their pursuit. Sure it might look like the dudes are the ones taking the first step but actually it’s us who make the first move with our “come hither” eyes. Mr Body Language, Allan Pease, says women initiate 94 percent of approaches through eye contact and you need to catch a guy’s eye at least three times before he’ll even notice. Staring non-stop can be intimidating, so try glancing in his direction for no more than 20 seconds before breaking contact, then repeat. Add a small smile so you don’t look like you’re planning to rob him in the back alley.

Most guys LOVE the hunt, so give him some room to pursue you. Once he’s approached, by all means flirt away, but don’t be all over him like a bad rash and don’t tell him how much you’re into him, keep some mystery at this stage.

Don’t be scary

You need to make it easy for guys to ask you out. If you’re too intimidating, the only guys who’ll be brave enough to try it on will be those who think they’re God’s gift to women. If you like dudes who eat humble pie, you need to be non-threatening. This comes down to open, warm and friendly body language: avoid crossing your arms, keep your shoulders back and face him directly.

“Never seem judgemental: the last thing you should ask a man is where he lives, what he does and what car he drives. I have a client who owns a Lamborghini yet borrows his brother’s ute when he dates girls in the early days to ensure they like him for him and not his cash. Most men can smell a girl after money a mile away,” says Jayne.

You’ll never meet anyone at home

“If you sit at home the only guy you may meet is the postman and I’m pretty sure he’s taken,” says Jayne.

If you want to be on a man-roll, the most important thing is to get outside in the open air, where dudes can approach you. You can’t expect them to rock up to your door. Consider everywhere a potential place to meet a guy and flirt accordingly, even if you don’t score a date – it’s just fun.

What is your best tip for meeting guys?