A Harry Potter Golden Snitch engagement ring box now exists

Who needs amortentia when you have this?

harry potter golden snitch

Potterheads, listen up. There is now a way that you can Potter-fy your proposal and make it one for the Hogwarts history books.

In existence there is a Golden Snitch engagement ring box.

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The ring box is made of sterling silver and a thick coating of 18ct yellow gold and comes with a key to unlock it, shaped like Harry’s Nimbus 2000 — just in case the whole thing wasn’t HP enough for you.

Designed by Freeman Jewellery, the ring box was made using 3D printers and then hand engraved with the words, “I Open at the Close” (just like the OG snitch) and you can personalise it by adding the name of your fiancée-to-be.

Once you have popped the question, the box can handily be transformed into a necklace so you can wear your Potter-proposal-pride around your neck forevermore.

Wanna up your potter game? How about getting your fiancée-to-be to hunt for the Snitch using a homemade Marauder’s Map? Or hiding it in a Chamber of Hidden Secrets? Or chopping off your nose to propose as Voldemort?

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Maybe we went a bit too far there…

Anyway, you can see how the ring box opens in this video below.

Images from: Freeman Jewellery