Guys are revealing how they lost 'the one that got away' and we're crying

The one that got away

We all have moments when we think about a guy that was potentially 'the one that got away'.

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It's that icky, I-was-so-into-you-but-inevitably-left-you-and-now-always-wonder-what-our-lives-would-be-like-together feeling.

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And as it turns out, we aren't the only ones who ponder on the thought from time to time.

Guys have opened up on Reddit, in answer to the question posted by an editor at Elite Daily "How did you lose your 'one that got away'?"

The answers that rolled in hit us right in the feels.

One guy missed the signs
"I didn't make a move despite her basically throwing herself at me." — Showmethebiggirls

Another took 'their one' for granted
"Indecision and unawareness to how much they actually meant to me." — Actionheroname

Petty arguments got in the way
"We got into an argument one night. Instead of talking it out, I just left." — Itsnotmyvanity

Worst. This guy chose the wrong girl.
"I dumped her for the one I should have let go away. The only relationship mistake I regret to this day." — 6-8_Yes_Size15

Someone couldn't say sorry
"By being too stubborn to apologise" — Driguess

Another had military training commitments
"Had to go back to north Carolina because I'm in the Marin Crops" — Dirtybrownwt

And one dude got dumped with no explanation whatsoever
"She just fuckin' left" — Yurfeetrslumpin

This lonely heart's thread really tugged at our heart strings, but lets be real, if neither party tried to salvage a good thing years ago, chances are the breakup was the best thing that could've happened, even if that 'best thing' hasn't happened just yet.

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