8 guys get real candid about their most memorable first date

All was going well until I went to hold her hand and accidentally dislocated her finger.

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There's nothing quite like a first date.

They can be hopeful, they can be hilarious, they can be down-right hideous. And, among all that, they can be heart-smashingly-out-of-this-world-amazing changing the course of your life forever.

Good, bad or just meh, first dates always make for a great story. We asked eight guys to share the story of their most memorable dates and boy, did we get more than we bargained for. From cliff top-falls (no, but really) to weird requests that led to marriage, they need to be read to be believed!

Jesse, 28

"A few years ago I met a cute busker. We had our first date at a cheap Italian spot in the city and she offered to get the bill. Wanting to even the playing field, I offered to take her for a drink in a whiskey bar around the corner where the cheapest drink on the menu turned out to be $45. She offered me back to her place for a drink instead and I obliged. She led me to a derelict office space — where it turns out she was squatting. After a couple of drinks in her "den" we went back to mine (I'm sure a good mattress and electricity was the clincher). The next day she called and left me a voicemail with a personalised song written and sung by her. My workmates then proceeded to sing it to me when I walked into the office for months afterwards."

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Matt, 19

"I took a girl out for the first time; your typical dinner and movie night sitch. Everything was going well — the conversation flowed nicely, we got along well and there weren't too many awkward silences over dinner — but fast-forward to the movies and we were goofing around when I went to grab her hand, but accidentally got her pinky and popped it out of place. I freaked out, but she insisted it was fine and sat through the whole movie in silence — before heading straight to the emergency room as soon as the credits rolled."

Adam, 38

"I went on a date with a woman who oddly requested the location include sofas. We ended up at a sports bar and after many beers (tick), World Cup football (tick tick) and a Subway sub (sweet god tick), the flow of conversation and laughter spilled into hours. We headed to another pub – again, with the request of sofas – and I went to grab more drinks and returned to find her completely asleep! I finally decided to wake her up and luckily she seemed happy to see me. She then confessed that she'd been staying at a friend's and sleeping on a yoga mat! 12 years later we're married with a four-year-old son, a house with a bed and 500 other stories just like this one.

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Dan, 28

"The best first date I've ever been on with this guy in London who I met at a Halloween party. We had heaps of mutual friends and he was really funny. I hit on him early in the night, which he found very forward, but later on he found me, apologised and we started over. We spent the whole night talking, dancing and kissing and then went on to club. Neither of us wanted it to just be a one night stand, but we didn't want the night to be over either so we went back to his and chatted to 5am. The next morning he said he wanted to take me out on a proper date later in the week. We went to this cute Italian and, honestly, I have never been on a date like this where the conversation just didn't stop. We went to a pub, then back to his place. It was basically a first date that lasted three days — still to this day it's the best first date I've ever had."

Chris, 22

"Its not my story, but it's definitely one for the books. One New Year's Eve, we were at a house party by the beach. When it got to midnight, we were all wondering where our mate had gone. As it turns out, he'd hooked up with this chick and taken her down to the beach cliffs where they were getting it on alfresco. Mid-sex she falls STRAIGHT OVER THE CLIFF, 7m down. He raced down to her and she refused to let him call an ambulance and would only let him call her mum to come and pick her up. She'd knocked out a few of her teeth and broken a couple of ribs. She came back to the house a couple of days later to pick up her things, but that's the last any of us saw of her. It goes without saying we all tease him to this day about the lengths she went to get rid of him!"

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Alex, 29

"My girlfriend and I met on Tinder while she was backpacking around Canada. By the time we matched, she was in Toronto while I was still in Montreal, where she'd been a few days earlier. Unusually for us both, we chatted casually on and off for a few weeks even though we'd never met — we shared the same (dark and juvenile) sense of humour and a crazy love of dogs. She convinced me to visit her in Mexico (her current location) and our first date transformed into an incredible three weeks together. It's now been eight months since our match and we're now happily living together in Australia."

Liam, 27

"A friend of mine was dating an older woman and, wanting to impress her and avoid the 'let's go for a drink' cliché, decided to suggest a long hike for their first date. The walk started off nicely, but then suddenly he really, really need to take a dump. Eventually he manned up and told her he needed the toilet and asked her to wait for him right there. He ran back to the house, but (LOL/gross alert) didn't quite make it in time and ended up shitting in the middle of the driveway. He panicked, ran into the house, took a quick shower and ran back to meet her — and the rest of the date was great. How's that for making the most out of a shitty situation!"

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Andy, 31

"I met my date online and after exchanging a few texts we agreed to meet at a pub after work. Walking in, I noticed this sexy blonde woman inside. I found myself glued to the doorway just staring at her — I couldn't believe my luck — and even had to go outside and compose myself before I made a complete idiot of myself! I remember stumbling over my words and talking about the fact she had an Android phone. I still have no effing idea why. But a few drinks turned into dinner, which turned into a goodnight kiss. Three years later we're engaged and I haven't stopped smiling."

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