Hamish Blake's birthday tribute to Zoe Foster Blake was surprisingly sincere

All jokes aside, they're in lurrrvvvve.

By Susannah Guthrie
zoe and hamish foster blake

Aussie power pair Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake are both big fans of a good-natured online roasting, and regularly poke fun at each other on social media.

But for Zoe's 38th birthday, Hamish got unexpectedly sincere (to a point) and posted a heartfelt tribute to his wife of six years on Instagram.

"Look, every once in a while you have to stop and celebrate your incredible babe of a wife," he wrote, before injecting some of his trademark humour.

"Traditionally husbands do this on the wife's birthday, but you know me guys, I SHUN tradition!! Which is why I guess it's so surprising I'm observing one in this case.

"She is the smartest funniest person I know, with a heart that would make Pharlap's heart doctor suddenly yell 'shit! Where's Pharlap's heart gone??! Oh there it is, I guess I don't notice it anymore now that I've seen Zoe's heart'," he captioned a slideshow of photos of Zoe.

"Also, as previously mentioned, she is an incredible babe and mother and best friend and wife as evidenced by the fact I only had to go back in my phone these last three weeks to find the ammo I needed for the cool slide show. Happy Birthday honey, now let's get back to the cake x"

Hamish, Zoe and their kids, Sonny and Rudy, are currently living it up in Europe ahead of their move to New York, where Zoe will oversee the launch of her Go-To Skincare products in Sephora stores.

Zoe spent her birthday in Puglia, Italy, and it sounded like an absolute dream.

"It's been the kind of day that will stick to my brain and heart with araldite. Enjoying the sunshine with my family and my fella, swimming in a sacred Instagram Site, and having a gelato brioche sandwich for lunch," she posted on Instagram.

Trade lives?

The Blakes are sharing their envy-inducing holiday snaps with the hashtag #blakemewithyou (LOL), but we've rounded up the best ones below so you can have a jealous stalk.

Here's Hamish protecting his porcelain skin:

Here they are being #coolparents in Mykonos:

And here's Zoe making us want to wear a turban-inspired headband IMMEDIATELY:

Happy holidays, cute fam.